~ Berries ~ Fresh, Dried or Frozen ~

  • Frozen Berries

    Black Elderberry


    Aronia Berry

    Super Berry Blend

  • Currants!

    We offer a variety of fresh currents (red, white, black, crandall) during the summer. Wholesale and retail.

Our frozen berries are now available for purchase locally at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand!

Dec 2022 update-
We have lots of frozen berries in stock. Are you interested in distributing our berries?  Below is our catalog- 

Berry Catalog

*Organic Certified


    Frozen Berries 1# bags

    Super Berry Blend  $10  Aronia, red, & white currants, & saskatoon.  Great for smoothies!

    Gooseberry  $10. Great for pies!

    Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) $12

    Aronia   $10


    Fresh Berries
    1/2 Pint $4
    1 Flat = 12  (½ pints) $48

    • Gooseberry
    • Red Currant
    • White Currant


    Growing Berries at our Agroforestry Farm