Updates & details

Letter to participants May 23rd-
The Northwest Wildcrafters’ Rendezvous is almost here and the gathering is looking like a synthesis between ecology, wildcrafting and spirit.  We are so excited! Things are moving along nicely.  This will be a lovely sharing.   Below are some updates and important details-
Address- 15 Luck Jim Lane.  Winthrop, WA 98862
Good news, the North Cascades Highway 20 is now open

Keep spreading the word.  We have room for last-minute sign-ups.  We are expecting around 150 people to attend, possibly more.
If you have friends that are coming but haven't registered yet, please encourage them to register through our website.  This helps us be more prepared especially with meal planning.  The Rendezvous supports diversity as well as biodiversity.  We are happy that our offer of free admission for BIPOC is accounting for 1/3 of our registration so far. 
Thursday May 25th
Attendees may arrive anytime on Thursday (but we will likely ask for your help with set up). This is our final set up & prep day.  Volunteer helpers are welcome.  If you have time to come early and help, let us know.  Wednesday or Thursday.
Volunteer & Worktrade Coordinators- 
Liz Blackman-  lizblackman@gmail.com
Skeeter- # 360-643-9178
This is a communal event where everyone is expected to help.  1 hour a day should be enough to support this gathering. 
Volunteer jobs include: Meal Prep. Serving meals. Kitchen Clean-up. Welcoming Gate/ registration and various tasks.
**Sign up for your time slots when you arrive at the gate
WORKTRADE: (8 hours)  Work-Trade people take on a significant task before or during the event in exchange for waiving admission fee. Jobs include set-up, managing the personal dish-washing area, and maintaining bathrooms.
Vending & Marketing
We will have a vendor village throughout the weekend. It will be most active mainly during our scheduled breaks, meals and the specific times we have designated for vendors on the general schedule.  Anyone can set up a vending booth or blanket.  No extra charge. 
Meals & Communal Kitchen Logistics
We will have prepared group meals for everyone (breakfast, lunch and dinner)! 
There is a communal kitchen where the group meals will be made.  If you need to cook personal food, you should bring your own cooking stove/ set up because the communal kitchen will be dedicated to group meal making and very busy. 
Please bring food to donate and plan on helping in the kitchen during the event.  You can sign up at the gate when you arrive.
Bring your own mess kit (plate, bowl, utensils, water bottle/ thermos)
Our Kitchen Coordinator is Mardi Ledbetter
She is doing a great job at focalizing the kitchen needs, meal planning to accommodate most diets, food donations, etc.  More hands in the kitchen are still needed.  She has been in contact with some of you about donations. 
Questions?  You can contact her directly- 
Mardi- shefidgets@hotmail.com   # 206-718-0126
Many of you have offered a lot of great donations, thank you!
Here are a few requests of things still needed-
-Organic Coffee large grind for a percolator type maker
-Organic Tea bags
-Sweets and treats
-Sliced bread or bagels for toasting
Check out our General Schedule and Workshops/ Discussion groups schedule.
Please note the schedule is subject to change days leading up. You are welcome to suggest a discussion group topic at the event.
We have a great lineup of presenters! Check out Presenter Bios here and workshop descriptions here.
We have had 4 teachers cancel and 3 new additions. New additions are-
  • Benjamin Pixie on “Wild crafting with the honeybees.” 
  • George Wooten, locally renowned botanist is doing a plant walk.
  • Dan Nanamkin from the Okanagan Tribe will join on Saturday!
Camping Logistics
Everyone is welcome to camp on site and this is included in your Weekend Pass.  You are responsible for bringing all of your camping gear.  
Amenities on site-
  • Potable (drinking) water is available to fill up.
  • There are flush toilets and we will bring in two portapotties.
Information on local grocery stores can be found here.
Reminders on what to bring
  • Be prepared for the weather, rain or shine!  This is an outdoor event. (Currently we are having hot days and cool nights with an occasional thunderstorm.)
  • Camping gear
  • Flashlight/ headlamp
  • Portable chair
  • Hat, chapstick, sun glasses
  • Bug repellent
  • Your own mess kit (plate, bowl, utensils, mug, water bottle, thermos)
  • Food to donate to the kitchen
  • Something to take notes with
  • If you are on the set-up crew please bring tools and work gloves
  • Cash for shopping at the Vendor Village
  • Fresh flowers to decorate!
Other suggestions:
Literature to share.
Show & tell tools and wildcrafted products.
~Shoulder Events~
Tour of Skeeter’s Medicinal Forest
May 29th, Monday, around 1 PM
Located in Twisp, about a 30 min drive from the Rendezvous site.
The Twisp River Valley Medicinal Forest is 2 acres.  Skeeter did the main planting in 1999, so a lot of the trees are 24 years old.  It really is a forest!  It has overstory trees, mid-story shrubs and a ground cover of medicinal herbs and tree seedlings.  Monday is our big breakdown and clean up day, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity to show interested people what his medicinal forest looks like.
Phew, thanks for taking the time to read all of these deets! 
-Skeeter, Anna, Reisha, Jane, Mardi, Shana and the crew