Wholesale Guidelines

• Fresh herb orders

• Dry herb orders that are 5 or more pounds

• Bulk pre-orders for the 2024 growing season

• We are interested in contract growing for you, please send email to inquire.

  • New Wholesale Accounts

    Please read the following overview. Then, register a new Wholesale Account at the link at the bottom of the page.


• We specialize and prioritize fulfilling fresh herbs for wholesale customers.
• Customers are encouraged to place orders well in advance because we primarily produce orders on a custom basis. Early orders (January - March) allow us to plan our growing season.
• We are a small farm and can only produce so much of a given herb and may not be able to fill last minute orders. We fill on a "first come first served" basis. 

Fresh Herb Orders

We harvest roots twice a year while they are dormant in the early Spring and late Fall.

Spring root harvest happens in March so you must place your root order by the end of February.

Fall root harvest happens in November so you must place your root order by the end of October.

The more notice the better so we have enough time to prepare. Make sure to read our shipping details here

Dry Herb Inventory

Our wholesale system does not show current inventory for our Dry Herbs but you can figure this number out by checking our retail shop and seeing what is in stock there.  A little extra work but the best way to know quickly.

$20 cancelation fee per plant order