Wholesale Shipping

  • We ship within the United States.
  • Shipping costs are paid by the customer plus a $10 "Processing & Handling Fee".
  • Your final Invoice will be sent to your email (check spam folder) once your order is packaged and shipped with the total amount due. 


Dry Herb Shipping

We like to save our customers on shipping cost as much as possible. We always compare prices beforehand and generally UPS ground is cheapest, though sometimes USPS flat rate is cheaper depending on locations and weight.


Fresh Herb Shipping

Time is of the essence when shipping fresh plant orders.  This niche market is our specialty!  

With over 20 years of experience shipping thousands of fresh herbs across the U.S, we understand the nuances and have many techniques dialed in.  We always ship promptly after we harvest your plant order. Depending on the outside temperatures, we often cool the plants overnight in cold storage, package carefully and ship with ice packs.  There are lots of variables to consider for each plant we ship and we take them all into account to ensure your order arrives in the best condition.

Fresh Shipping Guarantee

Each plant we offer has its own time sensitive shipping window to ensure good quality.  We have figured this out over many years of practice.  Every fresh plant we offer has a recommended amount of days to ship.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we use our best judgment to decide how quickly to ship to you within our fresh shipping guarentee window and lowest cost option.

Your order is guaranteed to arrive in good condition as long as it is shipped within the amount of days we recommend.

Please note: these timely shipping windows can be expensive (depending on your locations and amount of herbs) , sometimes as much as the cost of herbs, or more!  

Our UPS account saves customers 40% off on expedited shipping.

If you do not want to pay the shipping cost that falls within our "Fresh Shipping Guarantee" and choose to take a risk by shipping USPS Priority and the package arrives in subpar condition, the customer is still responsible to pay full cost for their order.  This is why we encourage customers to trust us on deciding the shipping call.

If the package arrives within our Fresh Shipping Guarantee but arrives in subpar condition, we will refund you.


We have a $10 Processing & Handling Fee every time we send a shipment.  If you place one order for 5 items and we can ship them all at once that would only be $10.  But if we needed to make 5 shipments (for instance fresh things that were ready at different times of the year) then you would end up paying $50 in processing fees.  Please bear this in mind when ordering.  Check our "Next Harvest Window" chart to see when your fresh plant order is ready and see where your items overlap.  We always try our best to fill multi-item orders together to save customers money.