Frequently Asked Questions

Retail & Wholesale Shop

There are 2 different ordering portals: Retail Shop and Wholesale Portal.

Retail Shop

  • Dry herb orders for 1-4 pounds of each herb. (5 or more pounds go to Wholesale Portal)
  • Entire dry herb catalog is available through here.  You can only order what we currently have in stock, allowing a quicker processing time of 1-2 weeks.
  • No pre-orders. However, you can request to get notified once certain herbs are in stock.

Wholesale Portal

  • Fresh herb orders *3 pound minimum starting in 2024
  • Dry herb orders that are 5 or more pounds
  • Bulk pre-orders for the growing season
  • Contract growing orders

How often are items restocked?

Plants & herbs are restocked based on our Next Harvest Window, noted on the product pages. You can also check out our Harvest Time Chart

Many of our popular plants sell out quickly.  It's always best to place a pre-order in the beginning of the year to ensure you get what you need.

Fresh Root order deadlines

We harvest roots twice a year while they are dormant in the early Spring and late Fall.

  • Spring root harvest happens in March so you must place your root order by the end of February.
  • Fall root harvest happens in November so you must place your root order by the end of October.

The more notice the better so we have enough time to prepare.  

Where is your wildcrafting territory?

Most of our wildcrafting takes place in the northern half of Washington state from the Olympic Peninsula to the Idaho border.

Are your herbs certified organic?

YES!  All of our farmed herbs are officially certified organic!  More info here 

All of our wildcrafted herbs cannot be officially certified organic but harvested in clean and safe environments.  

How are your products packaged?

Our dry herbs are generally packaged in the appropriate-size sealed plastic bag and then shipped in cardboard boxes.

Our fresh herbs are shipped in cardboard boxes lined with paper. We generally do not use plastic when packing fresh herbs as it can hasten the degradation of the herbs. We add reusable ice packs to most fresh herb shipments.

Can I return a product?

We do not accept returns of fresh herbs.

$20 cancelation fee per order.

You can return a dry product for a refund if you are unsatisfied with the quality (this is extremely rare in our past experience). If you are returning items for any other reason there is a $10 restocking fee and you pay for the return postage.

Why am I being charged sales tax?

Sales tax is legally required on retail products sold in the state of Washington. Wholesale customers who give us a Wholesale Tax ID Number do not have to pay sales tax. You shouldn't be charged sales tax if you are placing your order from out of state.

What makes your wildcrafting sustainable?

We have made a science out of sustainable wildcrafting. Right from the start, one of Michael Pilarski’s intents behind taking up wildcrafting was to study and teach about how to do it sustainably. His 2003 publication Growing & Wildcrafting Medicinal Plants in the Pacific Northwest includes a compendium of information on the sustainable wildcrafting of northwest native plants.  He has taught numerous workshops on sustainable wildcrafting. Friends of the trees currently has 21 wildcrafting videos on our Youtube channel.


Shipping FAQs

Where is my tracking number?

Your tracking numbers are sent with your online invoice to your email after we have shipped your order.

Do customers pay a $10 Processing & Handling fee for every shipment? 

Yes. Because we have to do the shipping and accounting process for every single box that goes out of here, whether it is a 50# box or a 1# box.  We do try hard to ship people what they want with as few shipments as possible.  If you want motherwort, lemon balm, catnip and peppermint or similar summer herbs with multiple cuttings, we can usually send it all in one shipment. Fall and spring dug farm roots can usually all be shipped together.  If you are ordering dry herbs that we currently have in stock, we will ship that at the same time. But if you want fresh items from every season of the year that adds up to multiple shipments.

Do you ship internationally?

No, we only ship in the USA. We used to ship to Canada but no longer do so because it is very expensive and the legalities of shipping plant material are complex and changing. We wish our friends in Canada all the best in sourcing within their own country. It would be wise for every country to move towards more domestic self-reliance in herbs and herbal products.