Wildcraft Rendezvous Logistics

  • General

    Here are a few recent updates and we have been adding content to the website on a regular basis including wildcrafting articles and resources.

    The Northwest Wildcrafters’ Rendezvous is around the corner and the gathering is looking like a synthesis between ecology, wildcrafting and spirit. At this time we are going to estimate 150 to 200 participants. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends.

    Volunteer & Worktrade Coordinator - Liz Blackman-


    VOLUNTEERING: This is a communal event where everyone is expected to help.  One hour a day should be enough. Volunteer jobs include: Meal Prep. Serving meals. Kitchen Clean-up. Welcoming Gate. Sign up for your time slot when you arrive.

    WORKTRADE: Worktrade people take on a significant task before or during the event in exchange for waiving admission fee. Jobs include set-up, managing the personal dish-washing area, and maintain bathrooms.
    8 hours of work before or during the event.  

    STAFF: We still have some staff positions open if anyone wants to be on the team.‎

    Registration/Gate, kitchen co-coordinator, volunteers and set-up.

    Vending and Marketing. Anyone can set up a vending booth or blanket.  No extra charge. 

    Tool show & tell. Bring a few of your favorite wildcrafting tools for show & tell. Especially unusual tools.

    Wildcrafting show & tell.  Bring fresh samples of what you are currently wildcrafting. We can lay them all out at opening circle and/or bring samples of dry or processed products. 

    Wildcrafting in the Methow. Every ecosystem always has its particular mix of species you can wildcraft at that point in time. For example, because of the late Spring this should be prime time for Arnica cordifolia flowers.

    Guidelines on food contributions for the common kitchen. 

    Mardi is our Kitchen Coordinator. Reach out to her for any questions about your donations.

    • #1 would be food that you have grown, raised or wildcrafted. This can include canned, dried or fermented food. 

    • Greens from your garden would be highly appreciated.  Not much harvests from Methow gardens this year, yet because of the late, cold spring, but many people are coming from western Washington.  How many ways can we eat kale?

    • If you are buying food to bring, organic is preferred. Nuts, fruit, snacks, treats, what have you. 

  • Getting to the Rendezvous

    (Address sent upon registration)

    General Route suggestions-

    It is a scenic drive no matter which way you come. If coming from the northeast you come in on Highway 20 over Loup Loup Pass and drop into the Methow Valley near Twisp. If from the southeast get to Pateros at the mouth of the Methow river and drive up the Methow.

    If coming from, or through, Western Washington consider taking the North Cascade Scenic Loop Highway.  Highway 2 to Wenatchee and then up the Columbia River Gorge to Pateros and then up the Methow River.  The other  route is to come over Highway 20 which is up the Skagit Valley, then over the widest part of the North Cascades and drops into the upper end of the Methow Valley close to the gathering site.  You can come one way and go back the other.  If you haven’t seen the scenery of this area this will get you two scenic routes.  

    Memorial day traffic alert. . Since our event is on Memorial Day weekend there will be more traffic than usual so drive carefully.

    Carpooling: Carpooling is encouraged. Save gas and share convivial conversation.  Use our Facebook Events page for making connections.

    The Okanogan Family Faire (aka Barter Faire) has their 2023 Spring Faire the weekend before the Rendezvous (May 19-21). If you have time come and attend both.  After the Barter Faire come early to the Rendezvous and help us set up: https://okanoganfamilyfaire.net/.

    Spread the word about the Wildcrafters’ Rendezvous in your herbal and wildcrafting circles.  We still have room for more sign-ups. 

    Don’t hesitate to send questions or suggestions: friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com

    We will be sending several more emails before the event to you with further details and things we might need.

    Keep an eye on the website and/or Facebook page.