• Location: Sandy, Oregon

    April 12, 13, 14, 2024
    + informal evening activities Fri & Sat

    3 Days of Workshops, come to 1, 2 or all 3!

    • Growing Medicinal Herbs - Garden & Farm
      Friday, April 12th 9am-5pm
    • Creating Medicinal Forests
      Saturday, April 13th 9am-5pm
    • Wildcrafting Medicinal Plants
      Sunday, April 14th 9am-5pm

    Workshop Prices:
    All 3 workshops: $250
    2 Workshops: $175
    Single day: $100

    Lodging Available On-site:
    $80 Room - for 1-2 people
    $20 Camping
    $48 Tipi (weather permitting)
    Rates are per person, per night. Includes kitchen & showers.
    Call to schedule accommodations- Kathryn # 503.956.2227


    Dinners will be available for $20/meal.  There is a kitchen on site for people to make their own breakfasts or lunches. Some of us will collaborate on group meals.  People commuting can bring a pre-made lunch.

    Hosted by Spirit in the Sky Farm.

    Held on the originial Eclectic Institute Medicinal Botanical Farm. The farm is now owned by three Alstat children who are rebuilding the farms legacy of sustainable farming, meditation, and soil & soul regeneration.

    More info about this event on their website-